online french classes 3rd year
Elizabeth Lyne


Elizabeth Lyne
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01 Nov 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

French Online Classes – Term Two – 3rd year

In 3rd year, the classes will be a blend of vocabulary, grammar and exam paper preparation. There will also be a focus on the 3rd year CBA (Classroom Based Assessment) as well as portfolio work.


Timetable of Classes

Classes for 3rd years will take place every Monday for 7 weeks.

You may book one, multiple or all 7 classes on this page. If you book all 7 classes, you can avail of a special 20% discount.


1st November 2021 (7pm-8pm) 29th November 2021 (7pm-8pm)
8th November 2021 (7pm-8pm) 6th December 2021 (7pm-8pm)
15th November 2021 (7pm-8pm) 13th December 2021 (7pm-8pm)
22nd November 2021 (7pm-8pm)

Cost of Classes

Classes cost €25 each or book all 7 classes at €175 €140 (20% discount).


What to Expect

Students will be advised of the dates in advance, and while students are free to choose which classes to attend, it would be more beneficial to finish the entire course. Students may choose to pay for each class in advance, or for the entire course in advance. During the classes, students will be encouraged to interact with their teacher and other attendees. Notes for individual classes will be sent as soon as the booking is completed by the student. If a student books several classes in advance, the notes will be sent at least 48 hours in advance of each class booked.


Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that your WIFI connection is working, as French Notes will not be liable for interruption to service from any provider.

Once payment has been received for the class and notes have been sent, there can be no refund for non-attendance.

If students misbehave or seek to disrupt the class, they will be removed from the class. In this instance, absolutely no refund will be given.

Students will be sent an email with the code and password for each class at least 24 hours in advance of that class. It is the responsibility of the student to retrieve these codes and be on time for the class. Classes will begin punctually.