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Elizabeth Lyne
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28 - 31 Dec 2021


10:30 am - 11:30 am

Christmas Grammar Blitz (2nd & 3rd Year)

The importance of grammar cannot be under-estimated when studying a language. Grammar is the foundation on which correctly written and spoken French is built on.

In this Grammar blitz, which is aimed at 2nd and 3rd year students, I will bring you through the MOST IMPORTANT grammatical rules, and explain them in the context of your exams. Through the course of the 4 days, attention will be given to how these grammatical points can be integrated into the various written tasks that students will complete during their Junior Cert exam.  All notes for the Grammar course will be emailed in pdf format prior to the classes, so students can concentrate on the explanation, and not waste valuable time taking copious notes. We will be looking at the following areas:

– Present Tense

– Compound past with Avoir

– Compound past with Être

– Future Tense


Timetable of Classes

French Notes Christmas French Grammar Blitz will be run over 4 mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am. Please find a schedule of what you will be covering:

Tuesday 28th December Wednesday 29th December Thursday 30th December Friday 31st December
Present Tense Compound Past with Avoir Compound past with Être Future Tense
Regular & Irregular Verbs Regular & Irregular Verbs Regular & Irregular Verbs Regular & Irregular Verbs
Written pieces using the present tense Written pieces using the past tense with Avoir Written pieces using the past tense with être Written pieces using the Future tense


Cost of Classes

The 4-day course will cost €70


What to Expect

Once students book our French Grammar Christmas Blitz, they will be sent the booklet of notes in pdf format. During the grammar course, students will be encouraged to answer questions pertaining to the grammatical points, covered over the course of the four mornings. Please note that the code for the course will be the same for the 4 mornings.


Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that your WIFI connection is working, as French Notes will not be liable for interruption to service from any provider.

Once payment has been received for the class and notes have been sent, there can be no refund for non-attendance.

If students misbehave or seek to disrupt the class, they will be removed from the class. In this instance, absolutely no refund will be given.

Please leave your camera turned off during the lesson. Please activate your microphone in order to answer or ask questions.

Please note that our classes are live and are never recorded, in accordance with GDPR regulation and to protect the privacy of our attendees.

Students will be sent an email with the code and password for the course at least 24 hours in advance of the Grammar Blitz. It is the responsibility of the student to retrieve these codes and be on time for the class each morning. Classes will begin punctually.