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What is it with students writing French? They freeze up and find the whole process so daunting. It really doesn’t have to be! Once a student has an idea of their tenses and how to use them properly, the rest should be plain sailing! However, this is not the case. Students have the vocabulary and know the verbs, but still find it inordinately difficult to put the two together. Did you know for example that in French,  about 50% of French words are very similar in English. Here is a list of some of the common ones that you might find yourself using in the Leaving Cert exam:

Discrimination La discrimination
Sport Le sport
Racism Le racisme
Pollution La pollution
The Environment L’environnement
Problem Le problème
Solution La solution
Social Social(e)
Society La société
Education system Le système éducatif
Results Les résultats
A diploma Un diplôme
University L’université
Planning Le planification
Equality L’égalité
Religion La religion
An exam Un examen
Revise Réviser
Intimidation L’intimidation
Biology La biologie
Music La musique
Corruption La corruption
Terrorism Le terrorisme
Drugs La drogue
Alcohol L’alcool


There are also a lot of French verbs which are similar to their English equivalent

English Français
Explain Expliquer
To give/donate Donner
Boost Booster
Combat Combattre
To leave/quit Quitter
Oxygenate Oxygéner
Opt Opter
To settle for/be content with Se contenter
Recharge Recharger
Absorb Absorber
Place Placer
Imagine Imaginer
Exaggerate Exagérer
Abuse Abuser
Deliver Délivrer
Estimate Estimer
Modify Modifier
Reduce Réduire
Provoke or cause Provoquer
Exacerbate Exacerber
Observe Observer
Continue Continuer
Contribute Contribuer
Respect Respecter
Arrive Arriver


Where most students go wrong is putting these two elements together to make proper sentences. What students need is a collection of grammatical constructions to help them. On www.frenchnotes.ie we have 100’s of constructions, and at the end of each written piece on the site, we also provide a key to the grammatical constructions used in that particular piece.

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As a member of the Leaving Cert or Teacher Plan, you would have immediate access to:

  • Over 500 sample topic sentences on a wide-range of topics
  • Approximately 60 sample opinion pieces.
  • Diary Entries
  • Narrative writing technique & Phrases
  • Grammar section
  • Grammar exercises
  • Reading comprehensions
  • Verb drills
  • Study guides
  • Comprehensive oral section with videos
  • Expressions & key constructions
  • Letters and much more…

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If you were to sign up for our one year Junior Cert plan, you would have access to:

  • Worksheets
  • Audio section
  • Oral questions & Role-plays
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Comprehensive vocabulary lists
  • Verb drills
  • Grammar section
  • Reading Section
  • Written section with postcards, notes & letters

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Members of the Teacher Plan have automatic access to both Leaving Cert & Junior Cert revision notes. Also we are constantly adding new files to the site, so whatever is put up for the duration of your membership, you have access to it. While we do put up some of our material on social media, it is only a fraction of what you will find on our site. 

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Leur objectif a été de + verb in the infinitive – Their objective was to …

Une menace – A threat

Déclencher – To trigger/To launch/to start

Il y avait – There was or there were

Être condamné par – To be condemned by

Avoir comme objectif – To have as a goal or objective

Penser que – to think that

Trouver que – to find or believe that

Parfaitement approprié – Perfectly appropriate

Parvenir à – to reach or come to

Vouloir absolument – To wish or want absolutely to

En provenance de  – Coming from

Suspendre – To suspend

Il faut savoir que  – It must be known or noted that

Entraîner – To lead to

Semer la pagaille – to wreak havoc

Particulièrement difficile – Particularly or especially difficult

C’est un fait avéré que – It is a well-established fact that…