French Leaving & Junior Cert Revision notes


NEW CONTENT ON OUR WEBSITE. For Teachers, we have a new lesson on Ma Famille, which incorporates the 3 strands of Learning: Communicative Competence, Language Awareness & Socio Cultural… For Leaving Cert students, there is a new grammar exercise on the Future Tense. We are also exited to release new Junior Cycle Content. We have 3 sample “Tick the Correct Box exercises.

New lesson plan on Ma Famille 

French Lesson Plan on My Family

Lesson Plan on the theme of Ma Famille. This lesson plan contains the 3 strands of Communicative Competence, Language Awareness & Socio-Cultural Knowledge across the 39 Learning Outcomes. There is also a helpful guide to the Grammar & Vocabulary which needs to be taught, as well as Learning Outcomes in Focus and Assessment. Our lesson plans are only available to members of the Teacher Plan. For information on this plan, please click on the link below 

French Notes Teacher Plan

French Teacher Plan gives you loads of material for lesson planning

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Leaving Cert Grammar Exercise on the Future Tense

Understanding verbs and tenses is a key skill in language learning. In this Grammar Exercise which is focused on the Future Tense, students are given 10 sentences with the verb in brackets. The students have to put the verb into the correct form of the future tense. As with all of our grammar exercises, the answers are given at the end of the document. 

French Leaving & Junior Cert Plans. Leaving Cert French Notes for exams.

French Leaving & Junior Cert Plans. Leaving Cert French Notes for exams.

Leaving Cert Annual Plan


We are very exited to be creating content for the New Junior Cycle French exam. We are designing content which reflects the recently released sample paper from the State Examinations Commission. As we are able to respond very quickly to the ever-changing landscape, our content is always fresh and on point! 

Junior Cert French Plan

French Junior Cert subscription plan helping you with your French exam

Junior Cert Annual Plan