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As usual we are working away behind the scenes to ensure that French Notes remains the richest database of Junior and Leaving Cert French Revision Notes. This month we have the following new resources added to the site. They are a mixture of Junior & Leaving Cert revision notes, so there is something for everyone! This is just a sample of some of the Revision Notes added. 

Here is a list of the Revision Notes: 

  1. Leaving Cert Formal Letter 2018 Ordinary Level 
  2. Opinion Piece on the changing face of marriage in Ireland today. 
  3. Junior Cert Grammar Exercise on The Reflexive.
  4. Sample paragraph on Electric Cars
  5. LC 2016 Alternative Listening Exercises 
  6. Junior Cycle worksheet from 2018 paper Q.8
  7. Poverty and Homelessness Opinion Piece 
  8. Leaving Cert Sentences on the Strike in France against Pension Reform
  9. Junior Cycle worksheet 2018 Q.7
  10. Fair Trade Leaving Cert Vocabulary 
  11. Leaving Cert Sentences on Gangland Crime in Ireland. 
  12. Lesson Plan on Household tasks (Teacher Plan only)
  13. Leaving Cert sentences on Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
  14. Leaving Cert sentences on the need for 3rd level qualifications.
  15. Leaving Cert sentences on Fair Trade.
  16. Leaving Cert sentences on inequality in the field of sport. 
  17. Leaving Cert sentences on the Coronavirus. 
  18. Leaving Cert sentences on Veganism. 
  19. Junior Cert worksheet from 2016. 
  20. Tapescript from Leaving Cert listening exam, 2015. 

Leaving Cert Formal Letter 2018 Ordinary Level

formal letter leaving cert

In 2018, Ordinary Level Candidates were asked to write a formal letter of reservation to a hotel in France. In this sample letter, students are given both the French and English versions. Students should then take key phrases from the letter, and attempt other formal letters in the papers, giving particular attention to format and the formal register of writing. Letters usually feature in the Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Paper. 

Changing face of marriage in Ireland today opinion piece

The Changing Face of Marriage in Ireland Today.
Our opinion pieces are extremely popular with both Teachers and Students. They are written in both French and English, and there is a key to the Grammatical Constructions used. There is also a list of useful vocabulary to help students, when they are writing similar pieces. All of our opinion pieces reflect the type of topic that has appeared in the Leaving Cert French Exam.

French Leaving & Junior Cert Plans. Leaving Cert French Notes for exams.

French Leaving & Junior Cert Plans. Leaving Cert French Notes for exams.

Leaving Cert Annual Plan

As a member of the Leaving Cert or Teacher Plan, you would have immediate access to:

  • Over 700 sample topic sentences on a wide-range of topics
  • Approximately 60 sample opinion pieces.
  • Diary Entries
  • Narrative writing technique & Phrases
  • Alternative past exam paper listening exercises
  • Grammar section
  • Grammar exercises
  • Reading comprehensions
  • Verb drills
  • Study guides
  • Comprehensive oral section with videos
  • Expressions & key constructions
  • Letters and much more…

To see some of our sample revision notes, please follow these links:

Leaving Cert Free notes

Free Leaving Cert Notes


French Notes Grammar Exercise

There is no getting away from the necessity of learning grammar as part of your language learning. Grammar is the foundation on which language is built. Students should be exposed to grammar exercises as part of their language acquisition. Our grammar exercises focus on what you can do with the grammar, as opposed to learning for the sake of learning. In this grammar exercise, the student will focus on the reflexive tense, which is readily used in different circumstances such as describing a typical day. 

Electric Cars sample Paragraph

If you are doing something on the environment, you should consider covering Electric Cars. In our Sample paragraph section, we have added a document on Electric Cars. These are a very useful exercise to do either at home or in the classroom, as they focus on key vocabulary. 

Listening Exercise

At this stage of the year, a lot of the exam paper listening exercises have already been completed. Wouldn’t it be great to use your CDs again with different questions/tasks this time? In our Exam Section of the website, members of our Leaving Cert and Teacher plans can access alternative listening expercises, which can be used in tandem with the State Exam papers. 

Junior Cycle worksheets

We are all still very much in the dark about what the New Junior Cert exam will bring. We have only one official worksheet to guide us. However, students will still have to know their verbs and vocabulary, so these worksheets are a great class activity. They can be completed in pairs/in groups or individually. These worksheets are available to members of our Junior or Teacher plans. 

Junior Cert French Plan

French Junior Cert subscription plan helping you with your French exam

Junior Cert Annual Plan

If you were to sign up for our one year Junior Cert plan, you would have access to:

  • Worksheets
  • Audio section
  • Oral questions & Role-plays
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Comprehensive vocabulary lists
  • Verb drills
  • Grammar section
  • Reading Section
  • Written section with postcards, notes & letters

poverty homelessness french notes

Opinion Piece on Poverty & Homelessness for Leaving Cert Students – available as part of the Leaving cert or Teacher plan. 

French Notes Teacher Plan

French Teacher Plan gives you loads of material for lesson planning

Teacher Annual Plan

Please see some of our sample Junior Cert revision notes here


Frenchnotes Junior Cert Free Resources

French Junior Cert Free Resources



Je dirais que – I would say that

Par le temps qui court – nowadays

à la recherche – looking for

Leaving Cert sentences on strike in France against Pension Reform

Leaving Cert sentences on the Strike in France against Pension Reform. Phrases contained would be useful for the themes of Equality/Economy/Social problems etc..

French Notes Junior Cycle Worksheet

This is a relatively new feature on French Notes. We have taken a reading comprehension from the Junior Cert papers, and added exercises, which can be done in class or at home. All the documents come with solutions, so my advice as always is to attempt to do the exercises on your own, and then check your answers. There are many variants which will be used going forward, but in this sample, you will see that we have asked students to translate, conjugate verbs, and pick out important vocabulary.

Fair Trade Leaving Cert Sentences

In our sample topic sentences section, we have added sentences on the subject of Fair Trade, and there are now over 750 sentences in this section alone! Under the vocabulary section, you will find important words to do with Fair Trade. These words are in French and English with easy-to-understand phonetics

Fair Trade Vocabulary French Notes


Members of the Teacher Plan have automatic access to both Leaving Cert & Junior Cert revision notes. Also we are constantly adding new files to the site, so whatever is put up for the duration of your membership, you have access to it. While we do put up some of our material on social media, it is only a fraction of what you will find on our site. 


are diplomas necessary leaving cert sentences frenchnotes

Finally for the month of January, we have added a variety of  Leaving Cert Sentences on topics such as the necessity or not of a diploma or 3rd level qualification, The Coronavirus and much more.  

French Leaving Cert Revision Courses

French Leaving Cert



Antibiotic resistant bacteriaFRENCH LEAVING CERT REVISION COURSES 

If you would be interested in attending one of our French Leaving Cert Revision courses, please follow the link below for more information. All of our monthly courses take place from September to May and are held in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. Our Courses begin at 1pm and ends at 5pm. The cost is €60 and includes a 30 page booklet with exclusive French Notes content. During our revision courses, students learn how to write opinion pieces, Diary entries and/or the narrative (récit),   learn active listening methodology, practice speaking and reading French comprehensions. They also do Translation exercises and study a specific area of grammar.