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There are 2 ways to use our website...

Subscription Plans

We offer a great value membership subscription service. From as little as €29.99 you will have full access to our high quality resource material. Our content is updated and added to every month so you know you’re getting value for money.

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We realise that a subscription service might not suit everybody. Maybe you just want to grab a couple of resources for a particular topic without signing up for a plan. We have you covered! Many of our material is available to buy instantly for a small fee.

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How Our Subscription Service Works

  • Choose Your Plan

    Pick the subscription plan that suits you. Choose either our Junior Cert, Leaving Cert or Teacher plans. The Teacher Plan allows access to all Junior and Leaving Cert material.
  • Create Your Account

    The next step is to create your personal account on our website by completing a simple form. You will be asked for some personal information like name, email address and school (optional).
  • Make Your Payment

    Pay for your subscription via PayPal or Stripe. It's quick, easy and 100% secure. Your membership does not auto renew so you will not be automatically charged again after 1 year.
  • Start Learning!

    Simply log in to our site and begin exploring our huge range of high quality resources. New content is added every month. Those French exams are suddenly looking less daunting!

How Our Buy Now Service Works

  • Browse Our Resources

    Visit our "Buy Now" shop and explore the vast amount of high quality material available for purchase. When you see what you like click the "Buy Now" button.
  • View Basket & Checkout

    When you've filled up with your shopping cart with all the goodies you want (20% if you buy 3 or more!) you can head over to the checkout area to complete your purchase.
  • Make Your Payment

    Complete the simple checkout form and make your payment securely via PayPal or Stripe. We offer a guest checkout facility but you may create an account if you like to speed up future purchases.
  • Start Learning!

    After successful completion of the payment process you will see the download link for your product on the confirmation page and you will receive a link in your confirmation email.

Need More Help?


Do I have to subscribe to get access to your content?

While subscribing to our website is certainly the most cost effective way to use our service, it is not the only way. You can instantly buy resources in our “Buy Now” section without signing up to a subscription plan.

What kind of subscription plans do you offer?

We want to make using our website as straight forward as possible. For this reason our subscription plans are very simple. When you sign up to one of our plans  you immediately get full access to the resources available in that plan. Access is for one calendar year and you will not be charged again for the next year unless you sign up again. Our content is updated monthly so there’s always new high quality material available. At present there are three main subscription types: Junior Cert, Leaving Cert or Teacher plans.

Can I change membership plans?

Yes. You can switch plans at any time from within the Subscription tab of your account page once you are logged in to the site.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes but there’s really no need!  You can cancel at any time by clicking the “Cancel” button under your active subscription name on your account page but you will immediately lose access to our resources. Our subscriptions do not auto renew so if you do not wish to subscribe for another year you can simply let your membership expire, you will not be charged again. Please be aware however that due to the nature of the material, and its access, no refunds are given once a subscription is bought.

Can I "pause" my subscription?

No. You can renew, change or cancel a subscription but you cannot pause it. This is because that function is technically not supported by the payment gateway. Your subscription will run for 1 calendar year from date of payment and cannot be paused.

How do I receive the resources when I "Buy Now"?

Once you have completed the checkout process and made your payment you will be directed to a confirmation screen which will contain your download link. Additionally you will receive the download link via email.

What format are your resources and how do I view them?

The vast majority of our resources are presented in PDF format. Your computer probably already had a PDF reader installed but if not you can install Adobe Reader for free here.

We also provide PowerPoint files in PPTX format which can be opened in (naturally enough!) in Microsoft Powerpoint. They can also be opened using the open source software package Open Office, which can be downloaded here.

Our PowerPoint presentations are also available as video files in MP4 format. These files can opened by most video players.

I'm having a problem with the website, what do I do?

If you experience a technical problem or notice something wrong with the website you should open a support ticket. You can open a new ticket and manage existing tickets by visiting  the support page here. Use must be logged in and have an active subscription to access the ticket system.