Leaving Cert French diary entry with plan


In the French Leaving Cert exam, the majority of students do the diary written task. It is relatively easy to do well in this written piece, but it still requires that you plan it out, so that the final version is easy to read by the examiner. There are certain elements that should be included in a diary entry. Putting in idiomatic phrases is fine, as long as they make sense to the diary entry in question.



Vos parents sont partis passer le weekend à Paris et ils vous ont laissé(e) seul(e) dans la maison. Alors, vous avez décidé de profiter de leur absence et d’organiser une fête chez vous le samedi soir. Qu’est-ce que vous notez à ce sujet dans votre journal intime, après la fête?

2013 Leaving Cert French Diary Entry with Plan


Your parents are gone to Paris for the weekend and they have left you alone. You decide to have a party in the house. What do you write in your diary after the party?

  1. Explain the situation following the stimulus material given.
  2. Is this a happy or sad diary entry? Will there be a good or bad outcome from party?
  3. Who will be involved?
  4. Where will the action take place? (The stimulus material tells you that it will take place in the house).
  5. What do you envisage happening and what will be the general outcome? (uninvited guests, calling the police/house turned upside down)
  6. Remember to mention your feelings throughout the diary entry.
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2013 Leaving Cert French Diary Entry with Plan


Quelle soirée épouvantable! – What a terrible evening.

Être dans un état déplorable – to be in an appalling state

J’ai pensé que ce serait – I thought that it would be

Pendant que – While

Être livré à moi même – To be left to my own devices.

À peine – barely or hardly

J’ai accepté de – I agreed to

Ne + verb + que – only

Il y avait – There was/were

Tout d’un coup – Suddenly.

Mettre la pagaille – To wreck

Mettre à la porte – To kick out

Pour coiffer le tout – To top it all off

Être en colère – To be angry

Donner un coup de main – To give a hand (to help)

Avoir envie de + verb in the infinitive – To feel like doing something

Je me sens épuisé(e) – I feel exhausted

C’est une promesse – That’s a promise.

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