Rural Life in Ireland

2018 Q1 Leaving Cert French Exam.

According to the text in Secion 1, Q.1, in France rural life is becoming more and more difficult. We must do more to improve rural life in Ireland. What do you think?

In this opinion piece, you would have lost marks if you had written solely about the advantages or disadvantages about rural life in Ireland. The question is “More must be done to improve rural life in Ireland – What do you think?” When writing an opinion piece in French, I always advise my students to follow the “Rule of five”. Have five paragraphs (they can obviously be shorter than the ones here, which are purely for information and demonstration purposes). I would advise that students write a general statement, which would be an observation on the question or theme being asked. I then advise that they write 3 points, the 3rd of which should be personal in response to the question. The final paragraph or point should be a concluding summary of their main points, always referring back to the question being asked.

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