doping in Russia

LE DOPAGE EN RUSSIE DOPING IN RUSSIA L’Agence mondiale antidopage a voté à l’unanimité pour interdire à la Russie de participer au sport international pendant quatre ans pour des infractions de dopage. The World Anti-Doping Agency has voted unanimously to ban Russia from international sport for four years for doping offences. Personnellement, je pense que…

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L’INÉGALITÉ DANS LE DOMAINE DU SPORT  INEQUALITY IN THE FIELD OF SPORT Il faut qu’on agisse pour instaurer l’égalité dans le monde du sport. We must act to ensure equality in the world of sport. Les filles aussi que les garçons jouent énormement du sport à l’école, et il faut valoriser la participation de ces…

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Leaving Cert French Expression Drill

Leaving cert french expression drill

ON NE PEUT PAS NIER LE FAIT QUE – WE CANNOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE FACT THAT Drill exercises are a very important way of instilling confidence in writing. In our drill exercises, French Notes have provided you with key expressions, which can be used in a variety of opinion questions or diary entries. By…

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Translation Exercises

TRANSLATION EXERCISES ON THE TOPIC OF HEALTH I find that translation is an excellent way of getting students to use verbs and vocabulary within a specific theme. In this translation, students are presented with 10 sentences on the topic of Health, and have to translate from English to French. I suggest that in a mixed…

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