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First of all you will find just a small sample of Free Junior Cert French revision notes that are  available on French Notes . Therefore we have selected a number of French Revision Notes from various categories to give you a taste of what’s included.

Free French Revision Notes include

  • French Note
  • Postcard
  • Oral Exam Card
  • Grammar points
  • Junior Cert Letter
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verb grid
  • Vocabulary

Above all, our revision notes are designed to help students use their exam papers to maximum effect. French Notes also contains comprehensive vocabulary, which must be learnt. There is also an Audio Section to help students with their pronunciation.

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Notes - Honours & Ordinary Level Junior Cert 3.09 MB 480 downloads

In the note or message, you are usually asked to explain a situation...

Junior Cert Oral Exam Questions 311.86 KB 1739 downloads

Junior Cert Oral Exam Questions 16-20 ...

Junior Cert 2015 Notes - Honours 414.84 KB 1352 downloads

Written section Junior Certificate notes / messages. 2015 Junior Cert Notes. ...

Junior Cert Grammar - Adjectives 414.84 KB 1298 downloads

An adjective is usually a word which tells us more about a noun. It is a describing...

Junior Cert Grammar - Conditional Tense 444.68 KB 1068 downloads

This is the tense which is signalled by would or could in English. In general, we...

Junior Cert Postcard 2006 311.58 KB 1773 downloads

You are on holidays with your family in Spain. Write a postcard to your French penpal,...

Junior Cert Verbs 2011 322.07 KB 2142 downloads

French Notes has compiled a list of verbs for you to either study on your own, or...

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Activities 222.35 KB 735 downloads

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Activities ...

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Activities Test 222.35 KB 698 downloads

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Activities Test ...

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Expressions of Time 217.89 KB 834 downloads

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Expressions of time ...

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Expressions of Time Test 218.37 KB 852 downloads

Junior Cert Vocabulary - Expressions of time Test ...

Junior Cert - Letters 2010 231.61 KB 3235 downloads

It is the month of May and you are preparing for the Junior Certificate. Write a...

Junior Cert - Reading Comp - Eiffel Tower 339.56 KB 1324 downloads

Comment imaginer Paris sans La Tour Eiffel! La Tour Eiffel se trouve dans le parc...

Junior Cert - Oral Exam Questions 1 - 5 357.07 KB 802 downloads

Junior Certificate Oral Exam, general question part 1. Questions 1 to 5. Questions1-5_JuniorCert_OralExamQuestions1-5_JuniorCert_OralExamQuestions1-5_JuniorCert_OralExam<iframe...

Junior Cert - Audio 4.15 MB 792 downloads


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    More Grammar

    Conditional Tense
    Definite Article
    Futur Proche
    Future Tense
    Imperfect Tense
    Indefinite Article
    Indicate Possession
    Le Passe Compose
    Le Passe Simple
    Mots de Liaison
    Partitive Article
    Present Tense
    Reflexive Verbs

    17 documents currently available

    More Postcards

    Junior Cert Postcard 2012
    Junior Cert Postcard 2011
    Junior Cert Postcard 2009
    Junior Cert Postcard 2006

    With more added regularly

    More Verbs

    Verbs 2013 Honours Paper
    Verbs 2012 Honours Paper
    Verb List 2011

    With more added regularly

    More Notes

    General Introduction To Notes
    2015 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2013 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2010 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2008 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2007 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2005 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2003 Junior Cert Note Honours
    2001 Junior Cert Note Honours

    With more added regularly

    Pronunciation - Audio Cards

    Expressions of Time
    School Subjects
    Physical Attributes

    With more added regularly

    More Vocabulary & Tests

    Activities + Test
    Animals + Test
    Clothes + Test
    Directions + Test
    Expressions of Time + Test
    Food + Test
    Fruit + Test
    Numbers 1 to 100 + Test
    Physical Attributes
    School Subjects + Test
    Sports + Test
    The Body + Test
    The Colours + Test
    The Family + Test
    Types of Houses + Test

    With more added regularly

    Reading Comp Translations

    2006 Q3 Reading Comprehension Translation
    2005 Q5 Reading Comp Translation
    2005 Q4 Reading Comp Translation
    2005 Q3 Reading Comp Translation
    2005 Q2 Reading Comp Translation

    With more added regularly

    Reading Comprehensions

    Eiffel Tower
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Polar Bear
    Tour de France

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