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Our Junior Cert French plan is specifically designed for students in the Junior cycle of school: 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. The following list describes what you have access to as a Junior Cert Member. You will also be able to access any new material, which is added to your plan level during your membership.



  • New Junior Cycle French Sample Emails
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  • New Junior Cycle French Sample Blog Entries
  • New Junior Cycle French Sample Paragraphs
  • Exam papers with Audio
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  • Grammar Exercises
  • Grammar Section
  • Letters
  • Notes
  • Oral Section
  • Past Reading Comprehension Translations
  • Postcards
  • Powerpoints
  • Pronunciation – Audio
  • Reading Section
  • Situational French
  • Translation exercises
  • Verbs – Junior
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Vocabulary – Audio
  • Worksheets

Where can I use Junior Cert French Revision Notes?

You can access any of our notes wherever you are. So you will just need an internet connection. In addition, you can download a lot of our revision notes since they are in pdf documents. They can also be viewed when offline or printed off to use as you wish (following copyright).

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Most private grinds will cost the average student between €40 to €50 a session. This is generally one hour of tutoring. Imagine how much more you will get with our Junior Cert Plan, priced at €29.99 – a full 365 day membership to the leading French Revision Notes site in the country. This is approximately 50c per week!


The French Exam is now a Common paper worth 90% with CBAs, Portfolio work and a TA (Task Assessment), making up the other 10%. At French Notes, we are committed to bringing you

tailor-made content to meet the evolving requirements of the State Examination Commission. Unlike books, which, once published remain static, French Notes, as a website,  can adjust and meet the needs of a changing landscape.

We are the only Irish website specialising in French for the Irish Curriculum. In addition, over 200 schools around Ireland use French Notes’ Material, so teachers are putting their trust in our ability to provide the best possible notes in the French language, tailor-made for both the Junior & Leaving Cert cycles. Furthermore, all of the Leaving Cert Revision notes on French Notes are written by teachers and examiners, so you can be assured of the highest quality. We also add Revision Notes on subjects of interest and current affairs according as they happen, due to the fact that French Notes is a website. So you can be assured that French Notes will always be relevant and on point. We also perform detailed research prior to writing articles and there is thought behind every sentence that goes on the website. Finally, we customise our content for our young  students, giving them the reasoning behind grammatical constructions and showing them the best way of writing on their own.