French Summer Online Classes

Learn from the Comfort of your Home

Due to Covid 19, students all over Ireland have missed out on valuable learning time. Here at French Notes, we have put together an online French summer programme, to get you ready for the year ahead.

Our classes are held every morning over either 5 or 10 days, and cover important facets of your course, whether at Junior or Senior cycle French. We offer classes to all years from 1st to 6th year.  The classes will be one hour per day. This includes any notes provided from A student can choose to do either one or two weeks. Those who choose to do the 2 week course will benefit from a discount of 20%. The lessons will be transmitted through Zoom.

I completed the summer classes going into 6th year and found them very beneficial. Each week, a new topic was covered and every element of the course was covered weekly – listening, oral, written as well as grammar. The grammar was explained very comprehensively and I got a great grasp on it, which has enhanced my written pieces. Liz helped me with my pronunciation which was something I struggled with and this definitely improved my oral skills. Overall, the classes were excellent and I am going into 6th year with a higher standard of French.

Hannah Fitzgerald, Co. Clare

I have never been the most confident when it came to learning French or speaking it. Taking up these extra classes has been extremely helpful. I have been able to revise topics that I have learned in school and learn extra phrases and skills that can be used in all aspects of my French exams. I’ve enjoyed how interactive the classes are because personally I learn a language better when I’m involved rather than just taking notes. Thanks to these classes,I do feel more comfortable with French than I did before and I am not as worried about my French leaving cert. I would recommend considering these classes if you are someone who feels as though a little extra help is needed. They have definitely been worth my time and money.

Taylor Lacey, Co. Dublin


Students will be advised of the dates in advance, and the code for the course, which is transmitted via Zoom will be sent, together with a comprehensive booklet of notes. Students are free to choose to attend either the one or two week course, however it would be more beneficial to finish the entire two week course.

During the classes, students will be encouraged to interact with their teacher and other attendees. Our classes are NEVER recorded in accordance with GDPR regulations. We ask that students keep their cameras switched off for the course, as this is important for their privacy and to avoid distraction.

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