Facebook Live sessions with French Notes

Facebook live sessions with French Notes for Junior & Leaving Cert students of French

2021 will hopefully be kinder to us all. 2020 was horrendous in so many ways. The Corona Virus is still a significant threat to all of us. The best that we can for the moment is to keep our distance, keep washing our hands and try to be as careful as possible. It is not all doom and gloom, as there is now hope in the form of several vaccines which are coming on-stream as I write this. I wish you and your families a very safe and peaceful 2021.

Every student in Ireland has been affected by the pandemic, and now as we face 2021, we are in a position where schools will not be opening until the 11th of January. To help in some small way, I will be offering a Facebook Live every day for a week during the “Lockdown” from school. Each day, I will be looking at either grammar, a particular written piece or something to do with effective studying of French. I hope that as many of you as possible will tune in. I will leave the live sessions on my Facebook page, so that you can come back and refer to the sessions as often as you like or need…. Please follow this link for my Facebook page. 


 Please share this blog post with your friends. I have not decided on a particular time for the sessions, but once recorded, they will stay on my page indefinitely…

A lot of the material that I will be covering is from www.frenchnotes.ie. Please see below for information on our different plans. We cater for 1st to 6th years. There is also a plan designed for teachers, which offers sample lessons, as well as ALL of the content in both the Leaving Cert & Junior Cycle plans.

As a member of the Leaving Cert or Teacher Plan, you would have immediate access to:


French Notes Teacher Plan

French Teacher Plan gives you loads of material for lesson planning


  • Over 900 sample topic sentences on a wide-range of topics
  • Sample lessons for students from 1st to 6th year
  • Approximately 70 sample opinion pieces.
  • Diary Entries
  • Narrative writing technique & Phrases
  • Alternative past exam paper listening exercises
  • Grammar section
  • Grammar exercises
  • Reading comprehensions
  • Verb drills
  • Study guides
  • Comprehensive oral section with videos
  • Expressions & key constructions
  • Letters and much more…

To see some of our sample revision notes, please follow these links:



French Leaving & Junior Cert Plans. Leaving Cert French Notes for exams.

French Leaving & Junior Cert Plans. Leaving Cert French Notes for exams.


Leaving Cert Free notes

Free Leaving Cert Notes

Please read my tips on how to study below.


What should you be doing every day to maximise your learning potential in French.  Follow these 6 tips and maximise your potential.

VERB LIST! Concentrate on trying to learn a new verb every single day. On our website, you will find verb drills for both Junior & leaving cert students. Pick one from the list, and practice writing it in the following tenses:

Junior Cert – Present, Past & future.

Leaving Cert Present, past, future, imperfect, conditional & subjunctive. There are actually a lot of tenses for the Leaving cert, but if you can write using the above, you are doing incredibly well.

Free Junior cert French Revision notes

Junior cert French Revision notes

LISTENING Go to your exam papers and take a section of the listening comprehension every single day, and listen to it, trying to answer the accompanying questions. Section D of the junior cert is the longest section, but should not be ignored. We have added a new listening section to our Leaving Cert plan, and there will be one for the Junior Cycle French plan coming along over the next few weeks. In our Leaving Cert Listening, students will be given different audio clips, with downloadable questions (with the answers) on a .pdf file. The feedback on these has been very positive, especially as there are topics that are not dealt with in most of the text books such as #blacklivesmatter etc.. As a website, French Notes can respond very quickly to trends and world events as they happen. This is the reason that our website is always topical and on point.


SPEAKING In the new Junior Cycle curriculum, all students have to complete 2 classroom-based assessments or CBAs. The first, usually completed in 2nd year is based on communicative competence, and is usually an oral presentation of a topic which interests the student. However, it is a huge chunk of the leaving cert. 20-25% of your total marks will depend on a 12-15 minute performance, so you have to make every minute count! On the website, we have over 60 clips designed and spoken by a state examiner. We have divided the clips into 10 videos, which cover you for typical questions which WILL be asked. Watch these videos, and then jot down your own responses to fit your specific experience.


If you were to sign up for our one year Junior Cert plan, you would have access to:

  • Worksheets
  • Audio section
  • Oral questions & Role-plays
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Comprehensive vocabulary lists
  • Verb drills
  • Grammar section
  • Reading Section
  • Written section with postcards, notes & letters

Please see some of our sample Junior Cert revision notes here


Junior Cert French Plan

French Junior Cert subscription plan helping you with your French exam



Members of the Teacher Plan have automatic access to both Leaving Cert & Junior Cert revision notes. Also we are constantly adding new files to the site, so whatever is put up for the duration of your membership, you have access to it. While we do put up some of our material on social media, it is only a fraction of what you will find on our site. 



WRITING a lot of students ask me how to write French, and I take the analogy of driving. The only way to learn how to drive is by driving, albeit with an instructor for the first few months. Writing for the leaving cert requires dedication and commitment. You must take yourself out of your comfort zone, and begin. You are not expected to come up with revolutionary ideas, or be expected to quote facts and figures. At leaving cert level, you are however expected to have an opinion, and to be able to express it, using correct French. At Junior cert level, practice writing notes, postcards and letters. Our website contains sample writing pieces, which you can check off against your own work, and take the odd phrase which will help your own technique. At Leaving Cert level, we have quite advanced sample written pieces, but are in the process of putting together some easier sample sentences on a wide variety of topics, which will make the whole process more manageable.



VOCABULARY Take the time to learn a few new words on a given topic every day. We have vocabulary lists on the website, with accompanying tests, so that you can print the list, learn it and then check whether or not you really know the words.

EXPRESSIONS À LA FRANÇAISE! For the diary entry and narrative writing, a nice turn of expression adds richness to your writing. The key here is not to overdo it! Frenchnotes.ie contains a host of written expressions, and constructions to help you develop a grammatically flawless writing technique.

Bonne Chance et bonne continuation pour 2021!



French Online Classes


If you would be interested in learning about our on-line classes, please click on this link. We cater for students in 3rd/5th and 6th year. Our classes are held once a week and are transmitted via Zoom. Our classes cover important facets of your course, whether at Junior or Senior cycle French. Please note that these classes will not be recorded in accordance with GDPR regulation.

A student can do as many or as few lessons as they need.

french online classeshttps://www.frenchnotes.ie/testimonials/